installation of R and Studio

Hallo everyone,
I am experiencing a very basilar issue with the upload of the packages. In particular I am trying to upload deducer and deducer extra and the type of error coming back is

Loading required package: JGR
Loading required package: rJava
Unable to find any JVMs matching version "(null)".
No Java runtime present, try --request to install.
Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘rJava’:
 .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'rJava', details:
  call: dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...)
  error: unable to load shared object '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.5/Resources/library/rJava/libs/':
  dlopen(/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.5/Resources/library/rJava/libs/, 6): Library not loaded: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-9.jdk/Contents/Home/lib/server/libjvm.dylib
  Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.5/Resources/library/rJava/libs/
  Reason: image not found
Error: package ‘rJava’ could not be loaded
In addition: Warning message:
In system("/usr/libexec/java_home", intern = TRUE) :
  running command '/usr/libexec/java_home' had status 1

Of course I do have Java installed, but how is it that the program does not find it?
Could you please help me out with this issue?

Thank you very much!


To clarify, you've installed R and RStudio successfully, but you are having trouble installing those packages— right? If so, you may want to edit the title of your question to clarify a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, rJava is somewhat notoriously tempermental to set up. This thread might have some hints to get you going in the right direction:

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