Installation of RConnect on Azure VM


We have existing RConnect Solution deployed on Azure VM Scale set, Before These servers the request goes to Ngnix Server which is used for authentication using 3rd party solution PING Identity. We want to remove the Ngnix server and directly connect the Load balance to Azure VMs where RConnect is deployed. So is there can be any issue with this architecture.


I assume that in your current set-up Proxied Authentication - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide is used and that you want to keep using Ping Identity with either SAML or OpenID Connect. Is that correct?

In that case you will have to configure one of the two authentication systems for Connect:

You will also have to migrate existing users to the new authentication system, c.f. Auth Provider Migration - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

Please also make sure that the load balancer is configured with sticky sessions, c.f. High Availability & Load Balancing - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

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