Installing ctsem in ubuntu takes more than 7gbites main memory

I am trying to install ctsem into an Ubuntu R work-space with 7 gbites main memory. But even when I try to do the install with ONLY R running (not inside of RStudio), the compile abends because it runs out of memory. ctsem depends on rstan and seems to require compiling a load of headers, which is why it runs out of memory. Is there any way to break the install into parts that, separately, will run in an Ubuntu system with only 7 Gbytes of main memory? Thanks for any help that anyone can give me.
Larry Hunsicker

Have you tried installing rstan first?

A walk-around solution would be to add swap memory to your system just for the installation, it would be slow but you would have enough memory.

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Rstan was already installed. But thanks for the suggestion. Larry Hunsicker

Thanks, andresrcs, for the very reasonable suggestion. My Ubuntu workspace is actually a guest virtual VBox machine running under Windows 10. I found a method to add a swap file to my Ubuntu workspace, added a 4Gbyte swap file, confirmed that it was there, and tried again. The install failed at the same place, again with a comment that it couldn't allocate any more memory. That leads me to suspect that the install actually has some sort of endless loop that consumes as much memory as there is.
If you have any other suggestions, I should appreciate receiving them. In the meantime, I will contact the package maintainer to report the issue and see whether he has any suggestions.
Thanks again. Larry Hunsicker

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