Installing GDAL >= 2.0 on Redhat

I am trying to use the tmap package with RSP on a Redhat server. tmap depends on GDAL >=2.0 and apparently GDAL 2.0 is not available in any official package repositories. We could build it from source but IS discourages that. Is there a repository others have used to install GDAL >= 2.0?

We had the same problem at work but we built it from source specifically for our R environment. This is working well for us.


here is some materials that you need



make install

echo "your_gdal lib"  /etc/[](
# echo "/usr/local/lib" /etc/[](


I can run ./configure but when I run make I get the following error:

fatal error: gdal_version.h: No such file or directory

Been looking online a lot but have not found a solution.

I did find the file here though:

I am trying an earlier version (2.2 instead of 2.4) and it seems to be working.