Installing latex style file on

I've been trying to use the latex annotate-equations package with quarto (see

Here is the first bit of the example:

title: "Prediction Equations"
     - \usepackage{annotate-equations}

## Mean Prediction Standard Error

s_{\bar{y}_p} = \sqrt{
\left [
\eqnmarkbox[blue]{b0}{\frac{1}{n}} +
\eqnmarkbox[purple]{b1}{\frac{(x_p - \bar{X})^2}{SS_{X}}}
\right ]
\annotate[yshift=-4em]{below,left}{see}{Residual standard deviation} \annotate[yshift=1em]{left}{b0}{Standard error of intercept} \annotate[yshift=1em]{right}{b1}{Standard error of slope}

I can run this on my desktop (both MacOS and Linux), but only after downloading annotate-equations.sty from CTAN and installing it in a local texmf directory. However, I would like to use this on my account as I'm using it for my students when I'm teaching. How would I go about installing a latex style file on

I was able to render your qmd file in by running this command first in the Terminal window:

quarto install tinytex

After tinytex is installed, I clicked on Render in the qmd window and was able to see the generated pdf.

I hope this helps.

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