Installing multiple versions of R on macOS

I used to use RSwitch to manage multiple versions of R on macOS. I had to wipe my computer recently, so I am starting from scratch. In the past, when I ran the .pkg installer, it would install that version in /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/X.Y/. The other versions would remain untouched. Now, it removes the other versions. Is this a new behavior of either the R installer or macOS? Is there a way to turn it on/off?


The proper solution is to use pkgutil --forget to keep previous versions. I noticed that the .pkg installer explicitly states this at the beginning:

I definitely did not see this before and have not even heard of pkgutil. I am still not sure what allowed me to skip this step previously.

This may not solve the issue with RSwitch but you could give a try. This is a relatively new tool that allows you to set up multiple R versions, too.

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I have not heard of rig. Looks very interesting. It doesn't directly answer my question, but it would completely bypass the whole problem.

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