installing packages in renv managed projects

Hi all,
I'm new to renv and would need some help. I've installed renv v0.8.2 using install.packages("renv"). Then after initiating a new renv project with renv::init(), I attempted to install shiny using install.packages("shiny"). This didn't work - it looks like renv attempts to install the latest shiny version (v1.4.0) form a non-existant CRAN archive tar.gz, which returns a 404 Error.

> install.packages("shiny")
Retrieving '' ...
Error: failed to retrieve package 'shiny'
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In downloader(url, destfile, type, request, headers) :
  curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
2: In downloader(url, destfile, type, request, headers) :
  curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
Traceback (most recent calls first):
8: install.packages("shiny")
7: install(pkgs)
6: renv_retrieve(packages)
5: handler(package, renv_retrieve_impl(package))
4: renv_retrieve_impl(package)
3: renv_retrieve_repos(record)
2: stopf("failed to retrieve package '%s'", record$Package)
1: stop(sprintf(fmt, ...), call. = call.)

Instead, I have to install shiny using a direct URL to the tar.gz file with install.packages(""). This works, but it is quite a workaround. I had the same issue when installing dplyr and stringr.

Would anyone know what I need to change in order to sucessfully install packages in renv managed projects using the default syntax (package names, instead of URLs)?

Thanks for your advice!

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Can you share the content of the lockfile ?

Is there already shiny inside ? or a repos configured ?

When you run renv::init it will do a snapshot of your current environment for the package you use, by installing packages in the project private library, based on your current installation in user library

This is done to help you by note installing one by one the :package: required and to this from one step, but in your case, it may not be what you want if your current user library contains some :package: from archive or other places.

Note that: renv::init(bare = TRUE) will initiate a project with empty project library, and in that case you can install one by one the packages you want.

Please share your lockfile, it will help.


Hi cderv,
You're right, I already had those packages installed in my current environment and they were transferred to the renv managed project because I did not set bare = TRUE. With a bare project, the installation of packages works as expected.

Thanks a lot for your quick and helpful reply!

Kind regards


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