installing ROCR

How would i go about installing ROCR in R. It doesn't seem to be able available?


Will try to help you
First of all, what makes you say that it doesnt seem to be available?

I have tried installing using this command but didn't work:

After you ran the command, it tried to process and printed messages to you on the console telling progress/problems. Can you share this ?

I am not getting any error messages. It show a plus sign in the console. So i think the command is incomplete.

That command looks complete, so you might have gotten the console into a bad state with an earlier command. Try hitting until you get the ">" prompt back at the console, then try


sidenote:: I must use Ctrl + Shift + F10 to restart my RStudio at least 5 times a day :sweat_smile:

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Thanks everyone. Clearing the console has fixed the issue.

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