Installing rWeka package

After watching this utube video, I wish to try again to install rWeka. I've attempted to install it ( RWeka and rJava) numerous times, but couldn't get them to load. Ought I to get rid of whatever was installed previously first? If yes, how to deinstall a package in r?

I don't think that uninstalling packages is mandatory but if you want to do it anyways, here is the command remove.packages('rWeka')

Usually the problem with any packages that requires rJava is making rstudio to recognise your java installation path, on windows I have managed to make it work by modifying the JAVA_HOME variable from my file by adding this line to it:
Sys.setenv('JAVA_HOME'="C:/Program Files/Java/jdk-11.0.1/") Obviously the path has to be modified to fit your own setup.

It sounds easier to put that line of code that you suggested. How do I find my path?

Any 64bit program is going to be installed here C:/Program Files/ by default, the only difference would be the version of Java that you have installed, in my case is Java 11.

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