Installing SSL certificate


I'm working on a project involving heavy scraping so I'm using a proxy provider, to which I connect via their API. It is also required to obtain the SSL certificate they provide in order to connect to their API.

When I was running RStudio Desktop I copied the certificate into the right folder of my machine and the connection was established. When working in RStudio Server I downloaded the certificate from command line and moved it under /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/. Again worked fine. However I'm afraid these options are not on the table with RStudio Cloud as I can't access any system folders.

Is there any workaround here? Am I missing anything? Could I somehow point to the certificate, which I can store in /cloud/project/, instead of having to locate it in a specific system folder?

I'm not an expert here, hope the above makes sense.



The answer to this depends a bit on what R package you're using to make the requests. If using curl, or httr, it might be possible to install the certificates into a directory of your choice and using the CURL_CA_BUNDLE environment variable.


Many thanks Andy. I realised with your help that my question was a CURL question more than anything else.

From my search I am 90% confident the answer is somewhere there, however I didn't manage to make it work. I'll move away from RStudio Cloud due to other reasons so I won't try any further, but I believe your response may help someone.

Thanks again

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