Interactive Survival Tables - Table Contest Submission

Interactive Survival Tables

Authors: Matthew Kumar
Affiliations: Bayer

Abstract Use the number at risk summary table that typically accompanies a survival analysis to drill into the patient level data for identification and insights. A custom interactive, inline Swimmer plot is also included in the patient data. This plot succinctly summarizes each patients unique trajectory (i.e. events experienced and event timing) in the study and facilitates within and between patient comparisons.

Full Description: For the framed survival analysis, a user is able to select between different analysis methods. If Kaplan Meier is chosen as the method, the Number at Risk table is displayed. If Cumulative Events is chosen, the Number of Events table is displayed. In each case, the table is interactable in that you can select a given cell and view the patients who comprise it in an adjacent table.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
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