Interface R and Q/Kdb+

Why is there no simple way to use R in kdb?
CRAN isnt releasing a new version of the library "rkdb" for some reason and kx package "rinit.q" also does not work.
This is a huge disservice to the R community especially when python is easily accessible in Q.

CRAN is a network of package repositories, it doesn't release any packages, it only accepts contributions and host them in the repositories, some R package contributors choose not to publish to CRAN like in this case, the latest version of the mentioned package is available only on github

Have you tried contacting Kx Systems about it ?
KX: The Leading Provider of Time-Series Database Technology
rdkb :
Issues ยท KxSystems/rkdb (

Thank you very much.
You were right rkdb works fine.


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