Internal R package

Hi folks,

Not an R devel so apologies if this doesn't make sense, but I've been gifted with deploying some R code into a production environment. One of these packages is a library that's reaused in other packages; I'd like to have this versioned and available for internal users just like a "regular" package on CRAN.

What is the simplest way to do this? I've done a bit of googling and the closest I got was minicran, but it seems to be focused on creating an internal image of a CRAN repository.

Thank you,

Hi @Rrrrrr and welcome to the community! One way of accomplishing what you ask is using RStudio Package Manager. Among other things, Package Manager allows you to easily host internal R packages alongside CRAN published packages. This allows users to install the internal package just as they would any other package using install.packages().

It's worth noting that Package Manager is a paid, enterprise product. If you're interested in a non-commercial solution, this thread has some alternative suggestions from the community.

Thank you. We only have one library so RStudio Package Manager would be too much right now.