Interpretation of MuMins model.sel


I created a table with MuMins model.sel function and are a bit confused how to analyse it. It's probably very easy but I'm a bit stucked...

I'm sure about the NaNs (red cells) and the intercept. Also everything below the line above "df" is clear to me. I have a Problem with the interpretation of "+" and the values of the predictors.

Hope you can explain them to me- or show me where it is described. The help function of R didn't help me so far.

Thank you!

As far as I remember, the + means that the predictor (categorical) is included in the model, the numers are the slopes for numerical predictors, and the empty cells mean that the predictor is not included in a a model. But I have never seen a MuMIN table like yours...

thank you! This explanation would fit with my data. You probably never seen such a MuMin table because I already edited it a little bit.

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