Introducing dashboardthemes - experimental themes for Shinydashboard

Hi Sebastien,
This was intended to be an experimental package, and would need a fair amount of reworking/testing/maintenance for a CRAN release. I'm not sure if there's enough demand for it to warrant the extra work at this point

OK. I understand. I hope that the demand will pick up in the future so that you have the opportunity to reconsider :smiley:

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I am really very sorry but you have a fantastic package worthy of cran release. You should definately try it.

I don't think that would require anymore work than you already did.

Please do it.

Agree with last message: publish your work on the CRAN!
I have a simple question: on Github, it is written the following

  • Use of live theme switchers in apps (implemented in testing, to be added in package).

Do you know when this nice feature will be added?
Thank you very much for your work!

Hi shokru,

I've made a guide on how to create a Live Theme Switcher in shinydashboard applications using this package. See the below link on GitHub:

It works great! Awesome, thanks!
By the way, I upgraded to R v3.5.3 and I had an error message when I tried to re-install the package.
No big deal, of course.