is devtools::check and goodpractice::gp performing the same checks?

Running checks on my package code is very time consuming (roughly 10 minutes) and generally after modifying the code to my package I run devtools::check(cran = TRUE, remote = TRUE, incoming = TRUE, manual = TRUE, vignettes= TRUE) followed by goodpractice::goodpractice(), My question is, is this process duplicative? Do both functions perform the same checks as to make running both unnecessary? Should I only need to run one or the other? I do want to maintain good quality code so if both function performs checks that the other one doesn't I'll keep running both, but if they are performing the same exact checks I will eliminate one like wise if one

is no one going to reply

From the Getting Started article for the goodpractice package

the goodpractice package bundles the checks from rcmdcheck

rcmdcheck is the same package that devtools::check() uses, so yes, running both goodpractice and devtools::check() is redundant.

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