Is it just me or are there a ton of shiny questions here?

I was just scrolling through the open questions and I thought "wow, there are a ton of shiny questions here". Did anyone else notice that, or is it just me? Any idea why? I feel like Stack Exchange has wider distribution of R topics...

It's true! #shiny has more topics than any other category (the next closest is #general). Not sure exactly why, but the Shiny Dev Center actively encourages people to come here with their questions, so that may contribute?

E.g., from

The first place to look for help with Shiny is RStudio Community, which is a warm and welcoming place to ask any questions you might have about Shiny (as well as tidyverse and all things RStudio). The web site is running Discourse, which is an excellent community discussion platform. Our developers monitor RStudio Community answer questions periodically.

You can also check the "shiny" tag on Stack Overflow for existing answers, or post your own question. Note that questions posted on Stack Overflow are not closely monitored by our developers.


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