is it possible to create a private instance of the RStudio Community site?

I often use private instances of Stack Overflow as part of my courses, both as a way to interact with my students, as well as prepare them for using the public version effectively. It would be great to be able to do the same with this site -- is in the works, or maybe already possible?


I don't think this is currently possible but a walk - around could be an unlisted topic, this topics can't be found by others but you can access them with a direct link.

The site uses discourse, so you can create a discourse forum for your course.

We are slowly supporting certain types of class activities, for example threads for your class to practice creating reprexes.

And you’re free to create a thread under #teaching for your class too.

None of this is exactly what you’re looking for though.

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If you have a server to host it on, you could run your own private discourse forum!

Thanks, all! I'll look into all of your suggestions, @andresrcs, @EconomiCurtis, @nirgrahamuk

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