Is it possible to render a single quarto file to the "docs" directory?

I have a project (connected to a github repo) with a single, standalone quarto document that I want to publish to Github Pages.

I'd like to use the simple method described here.

The simplest way to publish using GitHub Pages is to render to the docs directory and then check that directory into your repository.

But the instructions for rendering the document to the docs directory seem to only apply to Quarto websites. They involve changing the configuration in _quarto.yml.

My Quarto document is a standalone file, and I really don't want to add extra complexity by making it a website.

Is there a way to render my standalone file to a /docs/ directory, so that the rest of the simple Github Pages publishing process will work?

Yes, it is possible to render a single Quarto file to a specific directory, such as the "docs" directory. Quarto is a document format that allows you to create, render, and manage documents using the Quarto command-line interface (CLI).