Is it possible to use {renv} Project Profiles with the renv-setup github action?

We have a shiny app repo that uses {renv}.
The repo includes some scripts that are ran in github-actions that prepare data for use by the app.
{renv} is currently used to define a single environment for both the shiny app and the data-preparation scripts.
But the package-requirements for the app are quite different from those for the data-preparation scripts.

As such, I thought it would be useful to split the environments -- one for the app, and one for the pre-processing -- using {renv} project profiles (Project Profiles • renv).

We use the r-lib/actions/setup-renv action to load/install/cache the R packages that are used in CI (actions/setup-renv at v2-branch · r-lib/actions · GitHub).

If we use {renv} project profiles, is there a way to specify which profile should be used in a given GHA workflow? Here, we'd need to use the app's {renv} profile when running our "deploy-the-app" workflow, and the preprocessing script's profile when running our "data-processing" workflow. But I couldn't find any mention of renv profiles in the setup-renv documentation.

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