Is my output correct

m1 <- lm(weight ~ 1, data = data)
m2 <- lm(weight ~ Year, data = data)
m1a<- anova(m1, m2)

    Res.Df           RSS                  Df      Sum of Sq             F        
 Min.   :522.0   Min.   :118039154   Min.   :1   Min.   :6165369   Min.   :27.26  
 1st Qu.:522.2   1st Qu.:119580496   1st Qu.:1   1st Qu.:6165369   1st Qu.:27.26  
 Median :522.5   Median :121121838   Median :1   Median :6165369   Median :27.26  
 Mean   :522.5   Mean   :121121838   Mean   :1   Mean   :6165369   Mean   :27.26  
 3rd Qu.:522.8   3rd Qu.:122663181   3rd Qu.:1   3rd Qu.:6165369   3rd Qu.:27.26  
 Max.   :523.0   Max.   :124204523   Max.   :1   Max.   :6165369   Max.   :27.26  
                                     NA's   :1   NA's   :1         NA's   :1      
 Min.   :3e-07  
 1st Qu.:3e-07  
 Median :3e-07  
 Mean   :3e-07  
 3rd Qu.:3e-07  
 Max.   :3e-07  
 NA's   :1

you seem to not have looked at your results in the relevant way.
you should do:


and not


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