Is RStudio approved for installation on Citrix and will it deliver stable performance?



I am looking to productionise a MS Machine Learning environment and use RStudio as our primary R client IDE. My organisation has very strict data security rules that mean users should not be able to egress data onto their local machines. A popular implementation pattern for preventing this is to host the software on Citrix.

I have consulted with our Citrix team and they have no objections to RStudio being implemented on their platform provided that it is vendor approved for use on Citrix and will deliver stable performance. With RStudio being open source this seems to complicate things (or does it?).

Can someone on the community confirm the product’s use on Citrix and share any do's/don'ts from their experience of doing so?

One challenge we foresee in installing on Citrix is R package/library management. Does hosting on Citrix present any significant challenges with this?

Many thanks in advance.