Is Rstudio online server free

Hi, I am doing sequence analyses with the package TraMineR.
I have to calculate the distance matrix for more than 100 thousand individuals (that is


My computer of 2.3GHzX2 and 8 Go RAM is insufficient for computing it. So would like to use an online server to do these analyses. Is an online server free? What is the security of an online server since I am using real data, even if it is anonymized? How can I do to get access to an online server in order to do my analyses?

There are free online servers but those are very underpowered, much less powerful than your own computer, if you need a lot of computing power you are going to need to pay for it (billed hourly). There are many options for cloud computing services, among them Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.

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