Is Rstudio open source edition permitted for corporate use?

Hello. I kind of need this answered by a representative of rstudio.

This has already been asked but the answer was vague. I need clearly defined terms. As a company, do you offer Rstudio IDE open source edition to corporations or not? I am not asking about the license agreement and what it means. Rather if it is granted for commercial uses to a corporation.

From the other question I found, the answer specifies that it is used, but not if it's use is permitted. It sounds like it is, but corporate policy dictates I need explicit approval, not implied.


The open source products are licensed to you under the AGPL (Affero) licensing agreement. We cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of the license, but would suggest that you work with your legal counsel for guidance. That being said, many commercial entities do indeed use our open source software.

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