Is there a log with all the recent changes made to

I have an App that was working well for few days and suddenly some of the features were lost. I was wondering if there was any update on that might be related to these features. Locally the App is working well.

Thanks in advance.


I am having a similar problem. I have run several apps successfully for a couple of months and now they aren't working correctly.

Any help is appreciated.


I've had issues with long running apps that started a day or two ago as well - around action buttons not triggering observeEvents anymore. All works well locally...


Yes I am having the same issues. App is running slower than a snail, eventually appears to run changes, but takes multiple minutes. Works fine offline, no errors in the log, was working last week, tried reflashing the app... no change.
Please advise.
app in quesiton can be found here: Word Cloud Generator (
Happy to share source code as well

Hi there,

It seems I'm having the same issue. My apps are suddenly not working on The problem seems related to the element of the UI that are dynamically generated via output$UI_element <- renderUI() on the server and uiOutput('UI_element ') on the UI.

Has anybody found a workaround?



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Ok, for the one interested, I finally found that removing the use of shinyjs allowed my app to work again. At the cost of loosing the associated features.
I haven't found a way to make it work with shinyjs. And again, it was working before and it work locally. So something changed on


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I'm also having issues with Apps that were running fine for years and now suddenly one of the drop down (select input) buttons has stopped working. It populates options depending on a call to an SQL database, it works fine locally but on it's stopped working.

We have premium email support so have opened a ticket with R Studio on this

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Hi Oliver,

I tried removing shinyjs (and associated functions) from mine, but I'm still having the same problem. Anything else you've changed?

I've submitted a ticket too.. waiting on a reply.


I've checked and our app isn't working this morning.

FYI, Latest from R Studio support received a few hours ago...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for contacting RStudio support.

There was a minor interruption on the server earlier today, which has been resolved. You can see more information here:

We are investigating this further with the cloud engineers, we'll reply again as soon as possible.



I managed to solve my problem by process of elimination - for some reason passing invalid coordinates to the fitBounds() function in a leaflet map was causing the error. Not sure why this would be or what would have changed, but given leaflet is js based and other users have reported issues with shinyjs, I suspect something changed around js on the server?

Either way probably worth investigating any libraries that could use js.

I discovered that people outside my network could still access my dashboards fine. I had to go to my network administrators to update our settings.

Removing the reactive({ }) part of the app patched the issue for my application...

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a quick update on this issue. We've been digging into these reports, and we believe we have found the issue. As of about an hour ago, a fix has been deployed which we believe has resolved the issue. If you're still seeing problems with your application, please restart or redeploy to ensure you have the latest changes. If the problems persist, please open a case with RStudio Support.

More details:

We recently pulled in an updated version of a shiny dependency that may have changed the way previously benign JavaScript errors were handled. While we're still trying to get to the bottom of the issue, it appears that some applications with unhandled JavaScript errors crashed when previously they were able to continue executing. We're not yet sure how these are related, but we've rolled back to the previous version of the dependency, which should solve the problem.

I apologize for the disruption this has caused. I will post more information here as necessary.



I just wanted to give an update here I thought might be useful to others:
To avoid this happening in the future (apps breaking due to changes on you can create a standalone application version of your shiny app using electron. It took me a while to get it all packaged correctly, but definitely doable, and reliable. Here is the main source I used for how to do it: How To Make A Standalone Desktop Application With Shiny and Electron On Windows (
One note is that I did have to install a new copy of R and replace all the folders and such within the portable R folder as many of my packages were written in 3.6.3. There were also some bugs that didn't appear in the version that needed to be ironed out for the standalone. Best of luck,