Is there a publicly available dataset of snowfall across European countries ?

Since R has many dataset related packages such as gapminder.
Do we also some package where we have snowfall data ? in order to analyse trend.

On web we could find some graphs and links such as,Berlin,Germany.

However, in order to understand the trend of the snowfall for a given region, we could use
Darksky API but it is not completely free.

So, anyone could help us to find a dataframe which has following details:

  • Start and End date of snowfall for a given city
  • Amount of snowfall on monthly basis

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Does it have to be European?
A quick search and I found a great resource of snowfall data in the USA:

Hope this helps,

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You may find some data sources from this list. HTH

Yes, few cities within Europe such as München, Stockhelm etc.....

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