Is there a storage limit on


I have a small shiny apps in a free account.
I will probably upgrade my account to a professionnal one.

In my application i currenly have my data in 5 csv files. Each file is 2 Mo.
It works fine. No problem.

To do a bigger one, i would like to know if i have a size limit for the files (total size) i stored for my application ?

The help on shinyapps don't say anything on the size (see below)

The application only has access to the data that was uploaded with the application at the time of deployment. This means that any files that you read from disk must be included in the application directory or within a subdirectory, and must be referenced with relative paths rather than absolute paths.

Thank you for your help

Thanks !

Just to be sure that i well understand ( because english is not my native language)

The limit of 5 Go for the professional account is 5 Go for all the application of the account:
if i have one application my storage is 5 Go
if i have 3 applications my storage is still 5 Go, the 3 applications have to share the 5 Go