Is there a way to list all dataframe, matrix and so on in a r shiny appplication

Hi all,

I have run my application (ui.R and server.R). Now in R console, is there way to see what all dataframes, lists, matrix etc are contained in my r shiny application?


in general you can do ls() to get a list of all object names in the environment.
you can make a dataframe with the classes against the names like this

      purrr::map_dfr(ls(envir=.GlobalEnv),~tibble(object_name = .,object_class=class(get(.))[[1]]))

Shiny is more complex because of its reactive objects

Thanks a lot for your continuous support. Will check on this.

Hi Nir,

Thanks it is listing all objects. But wanted to check with you. Currently it is listing all objects that I ran in R studio.

But I do have some tables, matrix, data frame in r shiny applications . Wanted to check if I can extract those also??

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