Is there a way to range rhandsontable side by side

I have a 2 rhandsontables r1 and r2 below. Is there a way to arrange these side by side?

y <- c(1:123)
y <- ts(y, start = c(2017, 23), end = c(2019, 39), frequency = 53)
y.hw <- HoltWinters(y)
HW <- forecast(y.hw, h = 6)
HW <-
HW$TS <- rownames(HW)
rownames(HW) <- NULL
r1 <- rhandsontable(HW,width = 500)
r2 <- rhandsontable(HW,width = 500)

You have to be more specific, what the output format is? Please provide a proper reproducible example.

The github for this package is probably the place to ask. I couldn't find the feature in the documentation, so you could put in a feature request if it's indeed missing.

If the functionality is not built-in, it comes down to js and css tinkering, which is ranging kind of far away from what this community generally is best at.

The output is in the form of rhandsontable. So r1 and r2 should be placed side by side

Placed side by side where? in the console? on an Rmd document? a shiny app?
Please do not regress to poorly constructed questions and coding examples.

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I am so sorry. Actually it is a flexdashboard. I misunderstood your question

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