Is there a way to show both values when pointing the mouse

Hi all,

When you I run the below code, I get the stack graph as expected

> data(data_gbar)
> amBarplot(x = "year", y = c("income", "expenses"), data = data_gbar, stack_type = "regular")

But when we point the mouse on Income, the display is only Income. Is there a way to show both Income and expense irrespective of where we are pointing. Can anyone guide me on this?

I'm not familiar with amBarplot(), but from the documentation on CRAN, it looks like there's a show_values argument, whose default value is FALSE. Does changing it to TRUE help?

There's also a note in the 'Details' section about the visibility of labels, but I'm not sure it applies:

Notice about labels: if the chart has many columns, several labels might be hidden. It depends on the width of the conatainer where the chart is displayed. Zoom on the chart to see if the chart can contain all labels. If not, use the parameter labelRotation. You can also add a cursor to your chart...

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