Is there an easy way to have RStudio 1.4 use the earlier default pane layout

I really like the standard RStudio pane layout in v. 1.3 and previous version. I have been unable to do so. I end up with 3 columns and I want 2... Is there an easy way to have RStudio 1.4 generate the 1.3 pane layout. I want to stay current with RStudio versions and keep the old pane layout that I (and I suspect others) have happily used for several years. Thanks for your work.

Best regards,
John Minter

You should be able to get back to 2 columns easily. First, you can drag-and-drop an open file tab from one column to another, and the column will close when there are no more open files in it. Also you can remove a column via options: (See "Remove Column" button, which is active if you have more than one source column)

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