Is there any way to make R Shiny support multiple users? I'm talking about hundreds of concurrent users



Is there any way to make R Shiny support multiple users? I’m talking about hundreds of concurrent users. To add some context: I’m not talking about Authentication (username / password). That will be taken care of by Auth0 (see So AFTER they are logged in, I see that Shiny Server does not pass the username to the Shiny session (maybe deliberately, so that you are forced to purchase the Commercial license to Shiny Server?).My question is more about : a) how do I make it recognize the username of the logged in user? b) will it scale to hundreds of concurrent (simultaneous) users?


Did you ever find an answer to your questions? I am particularly interested in question (a). I have a shiny app and I'm trying to integrate Auth0 authentication into it. I would like the username to be passed to the app/shiny session itself to determine what is displayed after log in (as different users will see different content). Don't seem to be managing to do this though.
Thank you!


Check out this talk from the 2018 RStudio::conf


There is an open source project called Shiny Proxy that is for this purpose.


if you could create a login page to redirect url to multiple copies of your application, you are scaling your shiny apps by the limit of your physical hardware ram and cpu cores.

I dont have a running version yet but will write one shortly.