Is there any way to print rmarkdown table without losing colors?


I am trying to print the report (html) with css style generated by rmarkdown in Chrome browser.
However, all style/color gone after I pri
nted or saved it as pdf,


Have you tried some html?

<font color="red">This is some text!</font>


Can you print (or make PDF) from other web pages and have it show up in color?


some pages do, some pages don't show up in color. What I would like to know is if there is anyway to setup in Rmarkdown so the report could be printed out with original html color. Thanks,


If you already have a .html file in color and you are able to see the colors in your chrome browser, then most probably this has nothing to do with rmarkdown, R or RStudio but with your systems configuration.



I also have to manage quite complex tables in term of layout, including color. After trying different package, I am now focusing with HuxTable.

It is a nice one, you got the color and proper html and text output.

It might fit your needs for table in rmarkdown.




If you can see color in your web browser, but you don't see color on your printed output, your issue is between the browser and the printer. R/RStudio has no involvement with how your web browser prints.

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