Is there anyway to have two or more 'Help' tabs in RStudio?

I often find myself needing to look at function details/examples for more than one package or look up help on a function from a third one and would appreciate a simpler method of moving between them.

So I guess something like ctrl-click(Windows) on a function link would open up a new help tab is what I'm after
Is that currently possible. If not, I'd like to add it to the wish list Thanks

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The "Show in new window" button image will pop out the current help, which doesn't appear to update when you search for another help item. It requires you to visit the help in the main screen prior to "pinning" it to a separate window, but it may cover your needs.

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Thanks for suggestion.
Worth a try though it takes up a large real estate/need to move, resize or minimize and is def not ideal for me