Issue Opening Projects


Due to a bug in our system, projects created on RStudio Cloud from Friday, Feb1 through Monday, Feb 4 at 4:00PM EST will likely open very slowly, if at all.

We are currently working to fix those projects so that they will open correctly - some have already been restored and we are continuing to work on the others.

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RStudio Cloud project stuck on loading

I have an assignment due tonight, and I cannot open up my project now. What should I do?


Hello! What is the URL for your project?



We have applied some recovery steps to your project. Please try to open it again and let us know if you have any other issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I got it open! Thank you very much!


Can i get my project restored also. I have some time constraints i am working under.



We've restored your project and expect you'll be able to open it now. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience.


Another stuck project:


If they are still having issues when the project opens I would try to use the new project relaunch button ( If the project still has issue loading let me know.