issue with finding an object in my data set

students=read.csv("C:\\Users\\user\\Documents\\PDFA individual assignment '22\\student.csv", header=TRUE)

ggplot (students , aes(x = famzise, y = famrel)) + geom_line () + geom_point()

i keep getting this error : Error in FUN(X[[i]], ...) : object 'famzise' not found

typo, you swapped z for s

hi! thanks for your reply,really appreciate it,ive been staring at it too long i didnt even realise haha but im still getting this error? "Error in fortify():
! data must be a data frame, or other object coercible by fortify(), not a character vector.
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred."

ggplot (students , aes(x = famsize, y = famrel)) + geom_line () + geom_point()

this is the code i have right now!

students is a vector ie. c(" ....")
its not a data.frame
In your earlier code students was a data.frame, and you perhaps could have used that, but in this code you make it as a plain vector.
you do have a line immediately after that involves passing the plain vector into data.frame (as if to construct one). but this isnt assigned to any object (theres no name with <- pointing to it , or = sign) and there wouldnt seem any point/value to doing that as it would be just text, with no numbers (so not plot worthy, unless perhaps a histogram)

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