Issue with loading javascript library

Hi - I'm trying to load a packed javascript library of a bootstrap skin that I purchased recently into my shinyapp.

I'm running into issues around one of the functions overwriting/deleting one of the shiny base variables/functions.

The error I'm getting is this:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'clearOptions' of undefined
at exports.InputBinding.receiveMessage (input_binding_select.js:76)
at ShinyApp. (shinyapp.js:569)
at ShinyApp._sendMessagesToHandlers (shinyapp.js:529)
at ShinyApp.dispatchMessage (shinyapp.js:515)
at WebSocket.c.onmessage (shinyapp.js:112)
receiveMessage @ input_binding_select.js:76
(anonymous) @ shinyapp.js:569
_sendMessagesToHandlers @ shinyapp.js:529
dispatchMessage @ shinyapp.js:515
c.onmessage @ shinyapp.js:112

Does anyone else had an issue like this before?

Can I change the order in which the shiny base library is loaded (as the last piece)? Or what would you guys suggest?