Issue with SASmarkdown package to run SAS code on RStudio

I am using RStudio in cloud and running codes in R Markdown document where I want to run SAS codes. I am new to this. R codes are running fine but when I try running SAS codes after installing SASmarkdown package, I am getting error. Please see below the points:

install.packages("SASmarkdown") : This is running fine
library(SASmarkdown): This is running fine

data _null_;
put "Hi";

Here getting the error: running:
Error in system2(cmd, code, stdout = TRUE, stderr = TRUE, env = options$engine.env) :
error in running command

I checked that R chunk code is running fine but the problem appears when I am trying to run SAS codes. I checked the log that the SAS engines sas, saslog, sashtml, and sashtmllog engines are ready to use, after running the library.

Please note that I am running the code in cloud environment. To run the above is it required to have both R and SAS installed in the same machine? In that case that might be the reason for the error if it does not fine the exe SAS. However, kindly share your input.

Siuli Basu

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