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Hello, I can't seem to log into RStudio Cloud on any other computer than the ones in my University building; I can't log in on the computers in the University library or on my own laptop. I was wondering if you knew why this was and if there is a way to sort it out as I have an assignment due in beginning of January which is to be completed on RStudio Cloud and the University is closed over Christmas break.


That is fairly odd could you elaborate a bit on the issue. If you go to and click login at what point of the login process do you run into issues? Can you send a screen shot and console history when you run into the login problem?

Also is this issue specific to university networks? Like if you access the website from a coffee shop or somewhere off campus are you able to log in?



I know it's really strange, my tutor doesn't understand why it isn't working.

Okay, so I can log on in the computer room and on the computers in one particular building (the psychology building), but I cannot log in on the computers in the university library or on my personal laptop. When I go to I put in my login details that I use in class, and it comes up saying invalid username/password. But I've checked countless times that I'm putting in the right email and password (and I am), I even tried clicking on the forgotten password button, but it said invalid username. So for some reason, outside of the psychology building I cannot log in. I've tried it in Chrome (which I use in class), I've tried it in Internet Explorer, I've tried it with incognito tabs, I've tried it with ad-blocker turned off, and it just doesn't work.




That is very odd... we have had cases where the service was not behaving as expected behind some firewalls and proxies. Some universities will use different firewalls/proxy configurations in different buildings (or for wired vs WIFI connections in the same building for that matter). From your description that sounds like a likely culprit.

Can you send us a screen shot of your network tab and if there are any visible javascript console errors?


Oh really, maybe it's that then. I'm not quite sure what you're wanting me to take a screenshot of, so I apologise if its the wrong thing I've sent.




So I think we would need to see the request and response headers on the request that is showing up in red to tell if it's a proxy.



Okay, I'll try have a look at that.
So I've clicked on the request that was in red (the one for logging into RStudio Cloud), and this is the general and response headers (if I've got the right bit)


And this is the request header.


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