Issues using JiragileR package for getting info from Jira Rest API

Im brand new to R, Im trying to access Jira rest API using JirAgileR package and gather some information about the issues with the following code:

Domain <- ""
JQL_query <- "project='TRO'"
Search_field <- c("summary","created", "status")
df<-JiraQuery2R(domain = Domain, user = "USERNAME", password = "PASSWORD",
                query = JQL_query, fields = Search_field)

And Im getting the following error: Error: API did not return json

Im not sure why it is not doing what it suppose to, clearly is not returning a json but why, is this package deprecated maybe?
I also try doing this with httr and jsonlite and when I do a GET I get :Unauthorized (401)
Im using my personal credential the same that I use to log in everyday, could that be the issue?


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