Issues with Plotly packages

Hi everyone, i'll glade if you can help me figure out this issu about plotly packages.
I've done my graphic with ggplot2 and i want to make it dynamic. There come he problem, i don't know why it tells me to upgrade to latest version. I tried to do it with updating packages but nothing has changed. See pics down.

here is the error message

There comes the contents of the message

Sincerely Williams
Thanks helping me.

The first error message you are showing is self explanatory, is asking you to update htmltools package, so just follow the advice and update it (make sure to restart your R session first).


I do try to update by i have the message asking me to update instead of installing. But once i said yes i got error message in the consol about updating.
Pics below.

type or paste code here


Can you show the whole error message you get if you restar your R session and run the install command?

Yes. Here are step by step error messages.
R code with ggplotly

When i run it i got this msg error. Then i tried to update the package

When i choose yes to oupdate

Asking to restart R session so i do chose Yes again

Messag in the console saying its restarting the R session. I do wait

The same box keep showing each time i hit Yes for restart R session. So i hit NO and then i got this message error below.


Well that is not what I asked for, I'm trying to get information about the cause of your issue not about your code, please follow the instructions I gave you and post the required information so we can take a look at the underlying problem, also please do not use screenshots here, they are not very useful, post formatted code instead, see the link below.

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i used portuguese bank data for machine learning application.

bk=read.csv("bank.csv", sep = ";")

gbk1 = ggplot(bk, aes(x=y, y=duration, fill=y)) + geom_boxplot()
gbk1 = gbk1 + ggtitle("Box plot la durée des appel en fonction de la reponse final") + xlab("réponse") + ylab("durée des appel") 


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