Issues with RStata package

Hi everyone. I'm a STATA user (not an advanced one) but I need to replicate my results in R.
I've managed to install RSTATA package with the following codes:

options("RStata.StataPath" = "/Applications/Stata/")
options("RStata.StataVersion" = 17)

If I try to run some basic analysis such as

command <- "sysuse auto, clear
sum mpg "
I get the right results in my console.

But I do not understand How to create graphs. For example If I try to draw an histogram with the following
command <- "sysuse auto, clear
hist mpg "
It actually runs and I don't get any error message but R does not generate any graph.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot

I know absolutely nothing about package RStata or Stata itself.
When I read the (not very elaborate) documentation about function stata() I get the impression that you can only get dataframes back from Stata - not graphs. Anyway to get anything at all back from Stata, you seem to need
stata(...,data.out=TRUE) (which of course dosn't explain why your first example works)


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