It's possible to use jQuery Mask Plugin with r shiny textInput?

Is there a way to do something like jQuery Mask Plugin with a RShiny textInput?

The goal is to make a textInput display a mask (inside the textInput) as teh user is typing.

Exemple: I want to type 11111111111 and, as I type, the textInput value displays 111.111.111-11 (brazilian CPF format).

The textOutput("text") at the app below outputs what I want to happen at the textInput box while I'm typing,

Any ideas?


ui <- fluidPage(
  textInput("textin", "Enter Text"),

server <- function(input, output) {
  output$text <- renderText({
    textout <- input$textin
    textout <- paste(stri_sub(textout, 1, 3),".",
                     stri_sub(textout, 4, 6), ".",
                     stri_sub(textout, 7, 9), "-",
                     stri_sub(textout, 10, 11))

shinyApp(ui, server)

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