IV regression with modelsummary

Hello everyone,

I would like to display the results of my Instrumental Variable regression using the package ivreg and modelsummary. However, modelsummary does not display one of the diagnostic tests I need (the Weak Instruments one). This test is displayed when using the usual summary() formula but not with modelsummary(). Is there a way to add it manually or via adding an argument? See the code I used below as well as pictures of the output:

ivmodel <- ivreg(testscr ~ avginc + pctel | comp_stu + avgsalary + pctel, data=MASS_small)

summary(ivmodel, vcov = vcovHC(ivmodel, type = "HC1"), df = 'Inf', diagnostics = TRUE)

#alternative using model summary

             vcov = "HC1",
             diagnostics = TRUE,
             conf_level = 0.95,
             fmt = '%.4f',
) %>%

Output of summary() function:

Output of modelsummary():

Thank for the help!

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