Javascript error causes Rstudio to fail to install 2023.09.1+494 (Corruption of dock.node)

Recently after a Windows system update Rstudio stopped working so naturally, I tried to update Rstudio.
However, in both versions of 2023.09.1+494 and 2023.09.01 Rstudio the script fails triggering a cybersecurity error with something about sockets or saml.... I think.... ?

Well below are the error logs in case anyone can make sense of them.

Since this is now happening as well as in the latest version again, I thought it was important to make a bug report. Rolling back to the update prior to 2023.09.01 seems to fix the issue as mentioned here:

Error prior to upgrading Rstudio

Error after upgrading Rstudio

Added as issue: [Bug] A JavaScript error occurred in the main process. Uncaught Exception: Error: Cannot find module · Issue #13864 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

I found matches to cybersecurity vulnerabilities with various parts of the code:

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