Julia output not displaying in quarto

Hi everyone,

I am writing a quarto document, which includes code chunks in R, Python and Julia.

The output from the Python and R chunks is displaying correctly. However, while the code for the Julia chunks is displaying, the output is not - see the below image:

My YAML header is included below:

    theme: spacelab
    html-math-mathod: mathjax
    toc: true
    toc-location: right
    number-sections: true
    code-copy: true
    code-fold: true
    code-tools: true
    monofont: Fira Code
  message: false
  warning: false
bibliography: references.bib

Please advise on how I can see the output of my Julia code chunks in this document too.

Many thanks,


Can you share the content of the .qmd file ? How does the Julia chunk looks like ?


Thanks @cderv for your reply!

The issue was resolved after installing the latest versions of Julia, Quarto and RStudio. I should have done this one at a time to help identify the issue, but this is what I would recommend to anyone experiencing this issue.


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