Kable: vertical align for all cells


My issue is that I have a table with some long text and tahts why the rows for text in a cell becames more. The problem is that when I print the table with kable the default vertical align is top.
Is there a way to change it to middle?
(I knitt HTML_document, tables are printed with kable, supported with kableExtra)


df, align = c("c", "c"),caption =
"A(z) ",
"kérdésre adott válaszok szerinti bontásban a(z) ",
" kérdésre adott igen válaszok aránya",
sep = ""
) %>%
row_spec(lengths(df)[1], italic = T, bold = T) %>%
bootstrap_options = c("striped", "condensed", "hover", "responsive", "bordered"))

Thanks in advance

I didn't see an obvious way to do this in kable or with kableExtra and this post suggests that it has to be done through \LaTeX commands.

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