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I am trying to push our R project from local to a production server using Digital Ocean. I've created a droplet, ssh into the server, installed R and plumber, and when I run the plumber command, I can access the endpoint via URL in browser. However, when I close the ssh session, the R/plumber stops servicing. How do I make it so that it is running 24/7 even if I am not ssh into the server like how nginx or apache serves in the background?

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Make it into a service?

When you run it from your ssh session, the process is tied to your ssh session.

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That’s what I noticed. Is there a way to make it run in the background so that it is not tied to user’s current session?


Hi Seong! Yep, there are a couple of ways to achieve this, documented at

I haven't used DigitalOcean but the DigitalOcean section on that page points to @meztez's {plumberDeploy} package. I tend to use the pm2 solution.

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Hi bearloga,

Thank you for the reply! I've seen that plumber page on hosting but didn't read it full. This time, I read the entire page and, yes, it looks like I can use pm2 to persist the service. I'll give that a try.


I was able to get the API up and running in the background. The documentation suggested pm2 but I used the supervisor tool instead and it worked out. The documentation could be updated to include supervisor. It was easier to work with without having to install node and npm.

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