keeping same height of row for DT table in output

I want to set the height of row constant or fixed for DT table output. for the table below you can see difference in height of rows.

df <- data.frame(`quote` = c("the trader belongs to","trader have long ralationship withthe same market with my opinion on thaw its implemented mmnnhhh sdfghj fghj kjhgf tyui cvbnm",
                             "types of trads happens everytime when market slow","trades have leverage with",
                             "market is continious with the same platform trades"),
                 `share`= c(43,65,92,23,73),
                 `times` = c(86,98,55,12,08),

              options = list(columnDefs = 
                               list(list(className = 'dt-center', 
                                         targets = "_all"))),rownames = FALSE)

like in flextable i can do something like below but looking for fixed solution or any function for DT tables.

(ncols %in% c(4,5)) {
    fl<-width(flxtable, width = d*0.3, j = 1)
    fl<-width(flxtable, width = (d*0.7)/(ncols-1), j = 2:ncols)
d is left and right margin of docs template