Keyboard hortcuts Ctrl+Alt+A/E/I/U produce áéíú with English (United Kingdom) keyboard in Windows 10

Ctrl+Alt+A: Split into lines
Ctrl+Alt+E: Execute Code From Current Line to End of Document
Ctrl+Alt+I: Insert chunk
Ctrl+Alt+U: Find usages

With an English (United Kingdom) keyboard in Windows 10, these shortcut keys just produce á, é, í, ú. I know we can modify keyboard shortcuts but these are annoying as defaults: I believe users with Polish keyboards lose even more Ctrl+Alt combinations. From an international point of view it would be nice if the defaults didn't assume a US keyboard... or if some alternative defaults were provided if RStudio detects its usual default combinations are not available with the current keyboard.

I thought I had found a clever workaround: in RStudio's modify keyboard shortcut menu, where the shortcut is currently set as e.g. Ctrl+Alt+A, actually press Ctrl+Alt+A and set the shortcut to "á" (as far as RStudio is concerned - to me it still feels like Ctrl+Alt+A of course!). Sadly, even though the settings can be changed so that á shows as the shortcut, pressing it in RStudio ... just inserts an á. Somewhat weirdly, if I try this trick on all 4 of those shortcuts at once (I tested them individually as well as together), the warning comes up that í for insert chunk Conflicts with command: 'Split into Lines (Á)' (I'm quoting exactly, including the fact "Á" is shown capitalised despite only appearing as "á" in the shortcut menu) while for á the warning says Conflicts with command: 'Insert Chunk' (Í). No clashes were reported for é and ú but they didn't work anyway.

In the end I set them to Ctrl+WindowsKey+A etc ... with the exception of Ctrl+WindowsKey+E which seems to be an invalid combination.

Does anyone know a way I could have made my not-quite-a-workaround actually work? Or why it claimed á and í are in conflict as shortcut keys? Or why I couldn't set Ctrl+WindowsKey+E as a shortcut?

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